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*Quotes are based on our customers’ average coverage amount and policy length of $500,000 over 20 years.

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Roughly 40% of a life insurance policy's rate is wasted on unnecessary distribution costs and underwriting steps. With technology, we've streamlined the experience while passing along the savings to you.

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We’ve partnered with Canadian Premier, a federally-regulated and wholly-owned subsidiary of Securian Financial – one of North America's most reputable insurance companies with $1.4 trillion of life insurance in force, as of December 31, 2020.
Through this partnership, we aim to offer you a seamless online experience, and the long-term peace of mind knowing that your life insurance claims will get paid.
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We want you to know what you're buying

For decades, the life insurance industry has been plagued with high-pressure, jargon-filled sales tactics.

We want to guide you along the process, so that you choose your policy for the right reasons, on your own time.
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I found the process taken to be very thorough. I have all confidence if anything were to happen to me that this policy will be there to support my children.
– Sarah T.
Amazing service and competitive rates, I saved over $1000 for my term policy going with PolicyMe instead of going directly to insurance company highly recommended.
– Qaisar A.
Well organized process made it easy. Very happy with the service. Am now covered and can sleep well knowing my family is taken care of if the worst were to happen. Would recommend!
– Daniel P.
PolicyMe is an intuitive and honest approach to life insurance. It provided me with an exact recommendation of my insurance needs based on a simple questionnaire. It did not try to oversell me and gave me the best possible price for a policy.
– Andrew D.
All the people behind my application were so helpful. Non stop support and follow up. A lot of patience too. Thank you very much for all your help. You guys are awesome.
– Jhoana D.
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